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Current customers include independent growers, major food brands, crop consultants, insurance agencies, ag retailers, processors, and elevators.

Agrible in the News

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“Addressing connectivity and interoperability challenges to improve access to agronomic data and real-time services for the broader ag industry is at the heart of Agrible’s business,” says Jeff Peters, Vice President of Sustainability at Agrible. 

Agrible Touts Sustainability Aspect of New Retailer Services Platform

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"Growers rely heavily on their local retailer advisors for recommendations and services that will drive productivity, profitability, and eco-efficiencies on the farm. Agrible’s retailer services makes the collaboration easy and efficient by connecting the agricultural community through next-generation technology and real-time agronomy to help solve some of agriculture’s biggest sustainability challenges."

Few Big Ag companies have yet to follow through on data transparency pledge

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"Agrible is one of nine agribusiness companies to get the "Ag Data Transparent" seal of approval."

10 Ag Tech Advancements From 2017

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"Pocket Spray Smart is an iOS app, which works with Agrible’s Morning Farm Report software, to help farmers decide when to spray their fields. It shows farmers, up to three days in advance, what conditions look like hour by hour for spraying."

FJ AgTech Expo: Aerial Imaging Getting Easier


“We are a predictive forecasting company and we use the  [pictures] and information coming into to our feeds and model what’s happening with the crop so that we can predict how those [crop] stresses might set in even before they show up in imagery,” says Paul Miller, Agrible's Chief Science Officer." 

Never bet the farm on a weather forecast


“If Illinois became a country, it would be the fourth-largest grain-producing country in the world, and if you add Iowa, it would be the third largest,” said Eric Snodgrass, principal atmospheric scientist at Agrible Inc."

Agrible, Inc.: Innovation in the Heartland

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"With a farmer first mentality, Agrible is shaping the future of farming across the globe one technology tool at a time. We introduce you to an agribusiness company in the heart of the heartland."

10 New Mobile Apps for Precision Agriculture

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Pocket Drone Control from Agrible is new software technology that makes drones easy to use and effective. The iOS app works with Agrible's flagship software, Morning Farm Report, which is a suite of predictive analytics tools that give growers field-level insights.

Agrible Inc. and K Coe Isom Seek New Outcomes For Sustainable Food and Agriculture

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"In the search for attaining ideal sustainable outcomes for their food and ag clients, Agrible, Inc. and K·Coe Isom have focused on two complementary fronts: technology solutions, and business management and strategy." 

Agrible recieves honorable mention at 2017 AURP Awards


"This year's Awards of Excellence recipients and Honorable Mentions are among the most ground-breaking organizations and individuals in the world," said AURP CEO Carol               Stewart. 

Why Anheuser-Busch Is Tapping Into Analytics for Barley Production


"Using agriculture software by Agrible Inc., AB InBev wants to provide farmers worldwide access to better data and predictive analytics on crop management and climate effects."

Barley-improvement program expanded

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"Anheuser-Busch InBev – AB InBev – and Agrible Inc. recently joined forces to help farmers around the world access data and predictive analytics on crop management and climate effects."

Piatt Farm Bureau member wins Crop Copter

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Farm Progress Show attendee wins Crop Copter Farm Ready Kit along with a one-year subscription of Agrible's Pocket Drone Control software.

Agrible Raises $9.7m of $15.7m Series B Led by The Andersons’ Maumee Ventures


"Agrible, the Champaign, Illinois startup offering a suite of decision support software tools for farmers as well as sustainability tracking for food brands, has raised $9.7 million of a $15.7 million Series B round of funding."

Ag-Tech Company to Showcase Software for Scaling Sustainability at Global Sustainability Summit

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"With many companies looking to fulfill their sustainability promises, rapidly scaling sustainability projects will be the key to their success. Agrible, Inc. is a fast-growing ag-tech startup helping major brands scale those sustainability projects while also partnering with growers."

How to nail dicamba’s narrow application window


“How hard is it to apply the new dicamba formulations within label requirements when Mother Nature is a major factor? An atmospheric scientist, Bill Turner, atmospheric with Agrible weighs in.”

Simple, transparent contracts needed for farm data, Congress told

“Farmers are worried that the data they gather when they use precision agriculture on their land will be used to make a profit – but not by them.” Read more to find out how Agrible is ensuring farmers know exactly how their data will be used. Agrible was one of the first companies to go through the Ag Data Transparency Evaluator and earn the seal of approval.

Western Innovator: Doug Peck oversees effort to help barley farmers

“The Champaign, Ill.-based company Agrible is assisting the program with data analytics. Todd Weitekamp, Agrible product line manager, said the company compiles data about chemical applications, soil type, seed variety, weather and other factors for analysis by its advanced software. Agrible can estimate soil moisture without the use of sensors to guide irrigation decisions, and can also offer good estimates on crop progress and health, Weitekamp said.”

What's new in ag? A collection of five new items: July 17-21

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“Agrible and the soybean checkoff announce a new sustainability                program for farmers.”

Soy checkoff hopes growers share data

“The soy checkoff is teaming up with Agrible to measure the environmental benefits from growing high oleic soybeans.”

8 things about temperature inversion you should know now

“Another tool that may help predict temperature inversion is Agrible's Spray Smart phone app. The tool provides real-time data for inversion risk, atmospheric conditions, wind direction and wind speed.”

Will cloud-based weather metrics make you a better farmer?


“Like other precision agriculture systems, farmers have a number of options in selecting a weather provider that supplies data easily retrieved on smartphones and tablets. Agrible has various products, including its Pocket Rain Gauge.”

Agrible and The Soy Checkoff launch new sustainability program for farmers

“Farmers growing high oleic soybeans in the Midwest now have an opportunity to use cutting-edge software and measure the sustainability of the high oleic crop through a soy checkoff-supported program.”

Summer Weather Could Be Smooth Sailing

“Eric Snodgrass, co-founder and senior atmospheric scientist at Agrible, says if not for the rocky start to the 2017 crop season, agreeable summer weather could have fueled another record-breaking corn and soybean harvest.”

Be Smart About Spraying

“Luke Zwilling, Senior Engineer for Agrible, along with Cynthia Bruno, the company's Chief Strategy Officer, provide additional details on Spray Smart and Morning Farm Report software that they say can help you farm smarter.”

Agrible, Crop Copter Donate to Future of Ag

Agrible, Inc. and Crop Copter are proud to support the Illinois FFA and Illinois 4-H as a part of their campaign to build up future ag leaders and stress their importance to the agriculture community.”

Agrible Joins the Sustainability Consortium


“The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) announced today that Agrible, Inc. has joined the organization in an effort to continue their work by helping brands and retailers reach their sustainability goals. Agrible brings an expertise around growers' needs to help TSC develop better sustainability assessment tools that reflect growers' sustainability practices.”

Can Chicago own innovation in Big Agriculture?

“As the innovation ecosystem in Chicago and the Midwest expands with almost breathtaking speed, we are establishing ourselves as best-of-class in fields such as nanotechnology, robotics, digital and financial tech, material science and advanced manufacturing. There are several startups at the forefront of this movement including Agrible.”

Outlook on spring

“Weather and forecasts and models get Eric Snodgrass's motor running, but the intersection of weather and the agricultural world holds particular fascination for him Snodgrass is University of Illinois's director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Atmospheric Sciences. He co-founded Global Weather & Climate Logistics, which recently merged with Agrible Inc, a precision farm management and predictive analytics company, where he serves as senior atmospheric scientist.”

Agrible, Inc. Joins The Sustainability Consortium

“The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) announced today that Agrible, Inc. has joined the organization in an effort to continue their work by helping brands and retailers reach       their sustainability goals.”

How Much Will Midwest Rains Slow Spring Planting?

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“That’s how many Midwest retailers and farmers would describe the weather so far in April. Temperatures have been amenable, but precipitation has put more than a few planting schedules on pause. “We’ve had a lot of precipitation coming in through here [the Corn Belt] in April, says Eric Snodgrass, atmospheric scientist with Agrible.”

9 New Apps That Are Making Farmers' And Gardeners' Lives Way Easier

"Pocket Rain Gauge app by Agrible, which provides rainfall totals in specific areas.   Accurate, location-specific rainfall measurements delivered instantly can be a big boon for farmers."

ADM subsidiary invests in handling farmer stock

“Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts will work with Agrible, Inc. to offer its grower suppliers a free subscription to Agrible’s Morning Farm Report 2017 Grower AgriBundle, which provides tools to assist with forecasting yields, planning field operations, reducing waste and saving money.”

New App Helps You Decide When to Spray Fields

“Spray Smart is really going to make a big play moving forward, especially with the new release of dicamba products in soybeans and having to log all your spraying information,” said Kris Ehler of Ehler Farms, Thomasboro, Ill.”

Pocket Drone Control: Predict, confirm, decide

"Want to use a drone on your farming operation but aren’t sure where to start? Agrible has a new iOS app to help with that, says Cynthia Bruno, chief strategy officer."

For area farmers, is it already time to sow? Close.

"If the soil's too wet and you decide to go out and work the ground, that can compact the soil," Todd Weitekamp said. Compact soil can lead to uneven emergence and other issues, he said."

How the ag industry will deal with dicamba

“Are you planning to apply in-season dicamba to soybeans on your own or using a custom applicator? Across the state applicators and agribusiness professionals are figuring out ways to do this successfully.”

Where Sustainability and Technology Collide

“Specifically, the Fieldprint Platform’s sustainability metrics can now easily connect with Morning Farm Report – a set of predictive analytics tools from Agrible that includes a new Sustainable Sourcing Yield program.”

Agrible Launches New Pocket Spray Smart App

"There’s a new app to help farmers decide when to spray their fields. Pocket Spray Smart is a free iOS app made by Agrible. It works with Agrible’s Morning Farm Report software, which helps farmers plan everything from nitrogen (N) use, to when they can get equipment in the fields, to what to expect for yields."

Big Chemical And Agribusiness Corporates: Where They’re Investing In Biotech, Ag Tech, And Food

“The agriculture and chemicals business is changing rapidly thanks to a combination of changing consumer preferences, developments in microbial engineering and gene sequencing, and the increasing use of data and sensors in farms and factories. In addition, the largest companies in these industries are going through the process of mega mergers (Dupont and Dow, Bayer and Monsanto).

National Corn Growers Association Supports Ag Data Transparency Evaluator

"The age of big data means big decisions for farmers as they decide who to trust with their information. An industry-wide effort to bring transparency to ag technology contracts is gaining momentum with the launch of a new website: The Ag Data Transparency Evaluator is a tool designed to help farmers understand how their ag data is used when signing up with technology providers to use precision ag products."

Wild weather on the horizon

“Eric Snodgrass of Agrible in Champaign is concerned with  pre-planting drought conditions stretching from Texas to the Dakotas. In 2016, the nation only had extreme dry conditions west of the Rockies. This year is shaping up to be different.”

New Agrible Pocket Spray Smart App Alleviates Spraying Concerns

“Now with Pocket Spray Smart, farmers have all of that information on location and in the palm of their hand to confidently decide when to spray to reduce off-target movement of  herbicides.”

Agrible App Helps You Spray Smart  

"Pocket Spray Smart is an iOS app, which works with Agrible’s Morning Farm Report software, to help farmers decide when to spray their fields. It shows a farmer, up to three days in advance, what conditions look like hour by hour for spraying."

ADM Offers Growers Complimentary Agrible Morning Farm Report Subscription

Archer Daniels Midland Company and Agrible are working together to give growers the smart tools they need to produce better crops. ADM is now offering their farmer customers a complimentary one-year subscription to Agrible’s Morning Farm Report® which provides tools to forecast yields, plan field operations, reduce waste and save money”

New Agrible app makes drones easy

“Aerial survey can provide invaluable insights for crop insurance adjusters, ag service providers, and growers. It’s a unique perspective of their crop that has historically   been expensive or even impossible to get,” said Jack Marck, Product Engineer at Agrible.”

ADM now offers growers complimentary Agrible Morning Farm Report subscription

“We have an opportunity to work with growers to provide key insights into their production and to help show that sustainability is not just the right thing to do, but that it  ultimately makes financial sense for the grower,” says Chris Harbourt, CEO of Agrible. “Together, with partners like ADM, we are redefining the agricultural marketplace and helping to improve the way farmers grow and get their crops to market.”

New Agrible Pocket Drone App Makes Drones Easy

“Agrible has a new tool to help the farming community by giving users the power of aerial insights. Pocket Drone Control is new software technology that makes drones     easy to use and effective.”

ADM Now Offers Growers Complimentary Agrible Morning Farm Report Subscription

“At ADM, everything we do starts with farmers, and their success is our success,” says Wes Uhlmeyer, president, ADM Grain. “That’s why we are pleased to offer Agrible’s Morning Farm Report. Technology like Morning Farm Report is reshaping how farmers can succeed, and we are excited to help bring more value to our partners.”

ADM Offers Growers Complimentary Agrible Morning Farm Report Subscription


"Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) and Agrible are working together to give growers the smart tools they need to produce better crops."

Agrible Introduces Pocket Drone Control App


"Agrible,, has a new tool to help the farming community by giving users the power of aerial insights. Pocket Drone Control is new software technology that makes drones easy to use and effective."

Agrible Launches Pocket Drone Control App for Crop Copter UAVs

"Agrible has a new tool to help the farming community by giving users the power of aerial insights. Pocket Drone Control is new software technology that makes drones easy      to use and effective."

Field to Market Announces New Metrics Platform Integrations

"The integration provides commodity crop producers with a seamless solution for assessing sustainability performance of their management practices by utilizing tools from qualified data management partners."

Big data, robotics lead THRIVE top 50

"The companies that made this year's list from across the country and around the world are divided into six categories: biotech, cloud services, big data, robotics, connected devices, and infrastructure and supply chain."

17 Agriculture Apps That Will Help You Farm Smarter in 2017

"Pocket Rain Gauge from Agrible brings accurate, location-specific rainfall measurements delivered instantly."

Tech transition: Ag companies expected to consolidate, innovate

"There are many new tools available or coming that can help farmers determine profitability as the cost of production changes."

7 ag-tech startups with the right ingredients

"The four-year-yield firm in Champaign, Illinois was founded by agronomists, atmospheric scientists and software developers that are using predictive analytics to help growers improve yields."

Design is fine art- CUDO Pro Show

"[The] charming drawings illustrating the various stages of corn growth are part of a different tool that helps farmers track the maturity of their crops."

Corn Growers offers tool to guide anhydrous timing

"The association's Green Means Go map, created with staff at Agrible, is a response to a need for a decision-making platform to guide nitrogen and other fertilizer applications."

Agrible adds 5 new crops to Find My Seed, free and independent seed selector tool

"Find My Seed now includes thousands of varieties of wheat, barley, peanuts, oats, and cotton. The update also adds the latest third-party seed trials to ensure that growers receive the most accurate seed data available."

Agrible Working with Deere Ops Center

"Growers who sign up for the Morning Farm Report can click through to the John Deere site, choose Agrible as a 'trusted partner,' and have information uploaded for them."

Cotton Cultivated Website Adds Custom Weather Feature 

"Cotton Cultivated - Cotton Incorporated's producer-centric website - now features a new weather tool tailored for cotton growers."

Find My Seed Provides Free and Valuable Seed Data

"Find My Seed makes it easy for growers to find the right seed based on the factors that are important to them, such as location, soil type, seed technology, brand and more"

Agrible Alien Rooster Lands at #FarmProgressShow

"Find My Seed makes it easy for growers to find the right seed based on the factors that are important to them, such as location, soil type, seed technology, brand and more."

Young ag app developer mixes interest in technology, weather

"When he was 16 years old, Bliss Chapman started working as a software developer for a company that creates analytics tools to help farmers improve productivity and sustainability on their farms."

Morning Farm Report launches Nutrient Engine

"The Advanced Nutrient Engine app provides a 14-day outlook for famers to plan fertilizer applications. The model forecasts nitrogen and phosphorus loss by day, nutrient needs to maturity, availability of nitrogen and phosphorus in inorganic and organic form and uptake efficiency."

Agrible’s Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program Now Inside Morning Farm Report

"The Sustainability Sourcing Yield Program integrates useful sustainability metrics into Agrible’s Morning Farm Report to measure and report field-level performance of several row crops, including corn, soybean and wheat crops."

How Agrible is Making it Easier for Growers to Measure their Sustainability Practices

"This is the company’s next big step towards addressing challenges in sustainable agriculture — particularly, the challenges that growers face as sustainability becomes more of a requirement, not just an option."

Morning Farm Report by Agrible Recieves Ag Data Transparent Seal

"The seal confirms that Agrible's ag data contract is both transparent and simple, and that growers can be confident that Agrible is trustworthy and upfront about data ownership and usage."

Putting data to work 

"This Champaign, IL based firm works to turn data into useful information and is also  associated with a wide range of other data-based services."

Agrible Launches Nutrient Forecasting, Spray Smart Features

"Tools like Advanced Nutrient Engine, Spray Smart, Drone Plan, and Field Story have been added to the yield estimates, fieldwork recommendations, and weather forecasts already provided by Morning Farm Report."

Agrible: The farm in your phone

"What exactly does Agrible do? They mine high resolution data and convert it into materials that are easily relatable to farmers and help to inform farming practices. More simply put, at Agrible, they are data experts."

10 Illinois Startups to Watch Based Outside of Chicago 

"This predictive analytics company is among the fastest growing in Urbana-Champaign's research park. The company specializes in predictive analytics tools for farmers and growers, and their flagship product is the Morning Farm Report that offers field-specific data and forecasts." 

Morning Farm Report Puts Weather on Doorstep

"Morning Farm Report (MFR), produced by Agrible, is a feature-rich platform that details weather-related conditions on farms and predicts how those conditions will change to affect crops and growing operations, allowing growers to look forward and make actionable decisions based on MFR information."

Agrible helps farmers control, harness own farm data

"Farm data company Agrible plans to help farmers tame big data beast."

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