The Need for Find My Seed

The Need for Find My Seed

The launch of Find My Seed is right around the corner, and here to give a little perspective on what it was like building our new seed selector tool is one of our agricultural engineers, Jessie Prenger-Bhalerao.

Many years ago when I told my family I decided to study Agricultural Engineering, the first question my Uncle Roger asked me was "can you tell which seed is really better than the others?". The farmers in my family described the sales pitch from seed company representatives: their seed always had better yields. But it was and is hard to tell if the advantages salesmen claimed played out that way in the fields. After 20 years (holy smokes!!), technology has advanced to a point that we can give them some help.

Seed selection in the early 1930's

Seed selection in the early 1930's

Most farmers living now probably don't remember what corn farming was like prior to hybrid corn. However, there are still a few growers living who can remember the old ways. I recently asked my father, Ralph Pike who is 97 years old, to tell me what he remembered about seed selection in his youth. His account of his seed selection activities as a young man helping his dad farm 240 acres in southern Minnesota is as follows:

Thanks to Morning Farm Report, we’ve had the opportunity to meet with some amazing growers all across the country. A few have even let us tell their story on our blog. One thing we keep hearing over and over from growers is the need for an unbiased, independent seed selector tool. We took that feedback and began work on Find My Seed.

All of that work has culminated into an easy-to-use seed selector tool that aggregates corn and soybean seed data from over 200,000 trial plots covering 18,000 varieties. 

Through Find My Seed’s online platform, growers can easily find the right seed based on multiple factors, such as location, soil type, seed technology, brand, and more. After the grower answers a few questions based on these factors, Find My Seed shows the highest-yielding seed matching the chosen criteria. 

Find My Seed is still a few weeks out, but we’re excited about what we’ve created. Sign up on the Find My Seed website to learn more and let us know what factors are import to you when finding the right seed.

Find My Seed is Coming Soon

Of all the decisions farmers have to make, selecting the right seed is one of the most important and often one of the most expensive. Seed selection has become much more complicated over the past decade with the development of new varieties, hybrids, and multiple trait package choices. This decision promises to only get harder in the future as new traits are brought to market.

We all know how the typical seed selection experience works. A seed rep comes out to the farm and talks about his company’s products and leaves information and yield data with you.  A couple days later, another seed rep stops by and leaves his information. Then another seed rep stops by a few days after that and leaves his information. At the end of the week, you are left with three sets of different information and no good way to make a comparison between any of the products. So how do you make a good, informed seed decision that will have a major impact on the bottom line of your farm operation? 

Agrible’s Find My Seed is the answer. Find My Seed is your personal seed adviser that works solely for you. You tell it the criteria that are important to you, and Find My Seed sorts through mountains of yield data, compiled from hundreds of independent trials, to find the best seed options for your farming operation. 

More information about Find My Seed will be available soon, so keep an eye on this blog, Facebook, and Twitter. And be sure to sign up on to get more information emailed directly to you.