New Morning Farm Report Emails

Morning Farm Report users who receive the daily email each morning may notice things look a bit different. We've revamped the email so it provides more information in a more cohesive way. Depending on what services you subscribe to (Rainfall, Field Intel, Tractor Time, or Yield Engine), the amount information you receive each morning will vary. 

For Yield Engine users, the email starts off with a table displaying the following information: Yield Average, Crop Stage, Morning Farm Index, Growing Degree Days for the season, fieldwork recommendations for primary and wet spot soils, number of days this week Tractor Time recommends are workable, and yesterday's rainfall. As always, Yield Engine subscribes will get all the benefits of Tractor Time, Field Intel, and Rainfall. 


If you're a Tractor Time user, the email will contain a table showing fieldwork recommendations for the next 6 days based on your Primary and Wet Soils for all of your fields. Recommendations describe what type of operations are suitable for that field: all-ops / wheel pressures > 22 psi; md-ops / < 12 psi; lt-ops; and no-ops.

Field Intel subscribers will get rainfall and temperature forecasts for today and the next 7 days, as well as cumulative rain over the last 7 days, year-to-date- rain, and the field's normal year-to-date value.

And finally, Rainfall subscribers will get a table showing rainfall for the last 7 days, year to date, and rainfall for yesterday.

We hope the new email format provides the information you need in an easy to understand way. Let us know what you like about the new email format or what you would like to see changed.