Agrible storm chaser surveys the latest EF-1 tornado damage in Central Illinois

The track of a tornado that struck Champaign County, Illinois on June 26th was surveyed yesterday using Agrible’s Pocket Drone Control™ app, shown in the images below. According to Andrew Pritchard, Meteorologist at Agrible®, the tornado was rated an EF-1, and was relatively small with a maximum path width of 75 yards. 

The current long-range outlook keeps much of the Corn Belt in line for thunderstorm activity during the month of July. While these storms keep extreme heat and drought at bay, they're often accompanied by damaging winds, large hail, and as we saw this week, tornadoes. With Pocket Drone Control, you can streamline the process of surveying your fields for damage after a storm like this one and move forward with an insurance claim if necessary.


Here is the grid from Pocket Drone Control over the field.


You can zoom in to see a closer look of the damage. Then, using the damage assessment feature within Pocket Drone Control, you can start to classify the damage. 


Pocket Drone Control makes drones easy to use. When the app is linked with your Agrible account, you can launch the drone with just a few easy taps on an iPad or iPhone to fly your field on autopilot. The drone can cover an 80-acre field in less than 15 minutes. Images will show up on the spot, making it easy for you to classify damage as wind, hail, disease, drift, flooding, etc. and get an accurate estimate of the damaged area without having to walk the field. Then, the data uploads to your account where you can access and share it at any time with others in your operation. 

Head to the App Store and download Pocket Drone Control, or contact Customer Support at if you have questions.