Agrible welcomes Emily Hogan!

Emily is a native from Kent, which is in the South-East of England, close to London! She completed her undergraduate degree and masters in the UK at the University of Leeds, with a junior year abroad here at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 

Her degree was in Meteorology and Climate Science. While she was abroad, she decided she wanted to come back to Champaign, Illinois for her doctorate after her senior year back in the UK. So, back she came in 2013 and she has been here ever since. Emily graduated with her Ph.D. in Climate Change Science in May, 2018.

Emily decided she was interested in atmospheric science as a career when she was 11 years old and first saw the movie Twister. At 11, she thought being a storm chaser would be so cool. This was one of the reasons she chose to come to the US for her year abroad (they don’t have tornadoes in the UK). Even though she came to the US, she still to this day has never seen a tornado! Throughout her degree she became more interested in climate as a degree subject, as she found global warming to be a more pressing issue for humanity. 

While she doesn’t have previous experience in ag, by joining Agrible, she hopes to learn about farming and more about how relevant the weather is for farmers and growing crops. “I’ve always wanted to work in an industry where what I do on a day-to-day basis helps to improve the quality of life or livelihoods of others, and working for an ag-tech company has been a perfect opportunity to do that.” 

Emily is a big outdoor person, she loves going hiking with her dog, Ash. She heads out to Colorado a few times a year to see her godchildren and spend time hiking in the mountains. Other than that, she travels as often as she can to new places and visits friends all across the US.

Agrible is happy to welcome Emily Hogan, Senior Scientist, as part of the team! We are excited to watch her grow along with us.