Top 4 reasons you'll love Agrible’s Pocket Drone Control™ app!

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Nikki Goad
Sales Account Manager

1: Logistical planning: A lot of times growers/agronomists cover a big area.  It may be dry and sunny at the shop, and 20 miles north it’s blowing 20 mph, and they just got an inch of rain. Time is a precious commodity during the growing season and with Pocket Drone Control, you can see wind speed (looking out 18 hours), and weather conditions.  This way you can plan your day accordingly, and be as efficient as possible.

2. Image/Data Sharing: The problem with drone images in the past was that it was time consuming to download the images from the controller to your computer, zip the files, send them to somebody and everyone have the correct software to open and view everything.  When you link Pocket Drone Control to your Agrible® account, you can set your permission settings to share your images with others.  Once the drone lands, it takes less than 10 minutes for the images to populate on your iPad (while you’re still at the field). From there, you can upload that flight to your Agrible account via hotspot (or wait until you have access to WiFi) and others can then view it. 

3. Image Organization: Have you ever taken that tiny card out of your drone, downloaded it to your laptop and been completely lost as to what image belonged where?  One of the biggest praises Pocket Drone Control gets is its ability to do everything cloud-based, organize it in a user's Agrible account, and have a Google map behind it to reference where that image was taken.  It saves a lot of time, data space on your laptop, and most of all, frustration.

4. Autonomous Flights: Yep, you read that right!  Remember a few years back at the Farm Progress Show Case IH had their autonomous tractor on display?  Well, we've applied that to a drone.  You can either choose from pre-loaded boundaries or draw the field boundary, our software produces a grid-like pattern that your drone flies BY ITSELF!!  If you’ve never flown a drone before, no problem, Pocket Drone Control does the work for you!

Use-Case Scenarios
1. Central Missouri has been particularly dry this growing season.  Last week during a Pocket Drone Control demo, I flew some beans in Chariton County.  After we started looking at some of the images, we noticed a lot of those beans hadn’t germinated.  The grower was able to perform a stand count and make a replant decision.   

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2. A grower in Northwest Missouri called me up last fall and asked if I would come fly a corn field for him.  A neighbor’s cows had got out on his corn, and the insurance adjuster needed to see how far they had ventured into the corn.  When that drone landed, we were all amazed how far cows will go when there is an unlimited supply of field corn.

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Nikki Goad, Sales Account Manager at Agrible, lives in Carrollton, Missouri with her husband, Justin, and son, Wyatt. Nikki has been involved in production agriculture most of her life, and decided to make a career of it after college at Northwest Missouri State University.  She worked in precision farming for 8 years selling Case IH, Ag Leader, and Precision Planting Equipment.  She also had the opportunity to venture into the agronomy realm selling Channel seed and field scouting services.


From planting to harvest, let Agrible’s tools be with you every step of the way! Pocket Drone Control makes drones easy to use and rapidly delivers field-level images so you can make decisions for your farm on the spot.

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