Celebrating National Pollinator Week


This week we celebrate “National Pollinator Week”, which was designed to bring awareness to pollinators and the important role they play in our ecosystem.

Here at Agrible, we have designed our tools to help minimize the impact that operations have on the environment, including pollinator populations. Inside our Spray Smart™ tool, we use wind direction and cutting edge research on bee behavior to give you the green check that says spraying is pollinator safe, or a red warning to be(e) cautious. Plus, all of this information is available up to three days in advance so you can plan ahead with confidence.

We’ve also partnered with FieldWatch and integrated their DriftWatch™ and BeeCheck™ technologies. Agrible users can see the location of beehives and specialty crops to quickly see their relation to their field or fields within their Agrible account.

DriftWatch is a specialty crop site registry, created by FieldWatch. The easy-to-use interface shows growers and applicators the locations of specialty crops and beehives in their area. By partnering with FieldWatch to display the DriftWatch data inside a user’s Agrible account, we can continue to promote awareness and stewardship of herbicide applications.

Pollinators are an incredibly important part of global agriculture and by working together, we can help maintain a growing environment that is productive, sustainable, and safe for pollinators.