Agrible's #FeatureFriday

Happy Friday!

Today we're highlighting Agrible's Hail Events: Alerts that notify you when one of your fields has been hit by hail.

The Hail Events tool within Agrible's Agronomy & Planning package provides post-event email alerts of hail that has fallen on a field that was added to your Agrible account. Hail Events is triggered at the field-specific level, and shows you the probability of the hail event, the size of the hail stones, the density pattern of the hail, the duration of the hail event, and what the current crop growth stage is for the crop — letting you know which fields you need to check first. With this information readily available, you can streamline the process of surveying your fields for hail damage and move forward with an insurance claim if necessary.


The impact on agriculture from hail can be severe, but varies widely depending on the time of year that it occurs and the corresponding growth stage of the affected crops. Corn that is damaged by hail in May or June when the growing point is still below the soil surface stands a good chance of surviving with very little stand or yield loss. Hail damage sustained later in the summer can be more permanent, however, once the corn has entered its rapid growth stage.

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Quick Tip: For Hail Events to accurately provide the crop growth stage within the hail alert, make sure that you have updated the default planting date and crop type for the field. Updates can be made directly on the Hail Events page or in Field Story.