Agrible will help you get ready for 2018 planting season


Jude Holscher

Agrible has growers on staff to help us make our tools as beneficial to the grower as possible. This week, we asked our Engineer, Jude Holscher, how he uses Agrible to get ready for the 2018 planting season.

There isn't a week that goes by that Holscher isn’t using all the tools and services Agrible offers. This time of year, he focuses on two in particular, Agrible’s Tractor Time and Yield Engine.

Holscher uses Tractor Time to plan fertilizer applications and planting events for his fields that are fit. Tractor Time offers insights on 4-inch soil temperature, weather conditions, and field accessibility, 14 days ahead. Holscher can plan his field work based on the agronomic insights available to him.

Holscher uses Yield Engine to tell him what growth stage his winter wheat is in. Yield Engine provides accurate yield and harvest-ready forecasts for planted crops.

Sign up and use tools like Agrible’s Tractor Time and Yield Engine, plus many more, to help you this planting season and beyond. Contact Jason Little, Director of Sales at Agrible, at for more information.