Cooler and drier weather for the Corn Belt, potential flooding for Texas and Mississippi

Eric Snodgrass
Senior Atmospheric Scientist

As forecast in our early Monday update, beneficial rains fell across a large section of the Corn Belt over the last 24 hours. While the clouds did obscure the view for many during the eclipse, the rains will go a long way to help the corn and soybean crops finish well. Local flooding was an issue near Kansas City—the same region that saw nearly 9 inches of rain earlier this summer. Over the next few days, cooler and drier weather will settle into the Corn Belt, but Texas and the lower Mississippi River Valley need to be watching for potential flooding. The remnants of Tropical Storm Harvey are forecast to reorganize in the Gulf of Mexico and produce flooding rains along the Texas-Louisiana coastline later this week. This could slow down harvest efforts in the southern states. Midwest farmers should watch this system, as it could bring a surge of moisture into the mid-Mississippi River Valley.