Keep your eyes on the tropics

Eric Snodgrass
Senior Atmospheric Scientist

While we dry out and continue our cooler weather pattern in the central states over the next few days, states from the south central Plains through the southeastern U.S. are forecast to see a lot of precipitation. The Gulf of Mexico is wide open, as we say, which means there is a strong flow of moisture into the coastal states. The result is plenty of moisture to be squeezed out of the atmosphere by thunderstorms. In addition to this, we need to keep an eye on the tropical thunderstorms that are near the Lesser Antilles, as they are forecast to potentially evolve into a tropical cyclone over the coming days. This system is forecast to brush along the East Coast, but more importantly, it reminds us that the heart of the hurricane season is upon us. The Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, and western Atlantic are primed with warm sea surface temperatures to fuel any system that moves through those waters. So, keep your eyes on the tropics!