Agrible® integrates with FieldWatch® to help growers see sensitive crops and make good spraying decisions

Jason Little
Director of Sales

Applying herbicides has become increasingly more complex over the last few years. New chemistries and genetics came with new label restrictions, and consumer demand has increased the number of organic, non-GMO, and specialty crop acres. Add in highly variable weather, and the logistical issues are quite clear.

At Agrible, we believe in giving our users the best information available. We developed Spray Smart™ so our users could quickly see the projected wind speed and direction, inversion potential, and soil conditions on a specific field, up to three days in advance.

Now, we’ve partnered with FieldWatch and integrated their DriftWatch™ and BeeCheck™ technologies. Users can see the location of beehives and specialty crops to quickly see their relation to their field within the mapping view in Morning Farm Report.

DriftWatch is a specialty crop site registry, created by FieldWatch. The easy-to-use interface shows growers and applicators the locations of specialty crops and beehives in their area. By partnering with FieldWatch to display the DriftWatch data inside a grower’s Morning Farm Report account, we can continue to promote awareness and stewardship of herbicide applications.