Crop-saving rain?

Eric Snodgrass
Senior Atmospheric Scientist

Model trend over the last 48 hours has pushed the heaviest rainfall amounts in the next 3 days to the North as a large dome of heat builds in the center of the country. This is absolutely key to national yields, as a large corridor of the Corn Belt has been very dry over the last 3 weeks. As the heaviest rain is forecast to move out of Iowa and into Minnesota, this will leave western Iowa in a much worse situation. With all summer thunderstorm activity, forecast confidence more than 1 or 2 days into the future is low, but this needs to be watched very carefully over the next 72 hours. If the rains do move south into Iowa—especially western Iowa—this will be crop-saving rain. If not, expect yields to really take a hit, because temperatures through Saturday are expected to reach upper 90s and lower 100s (before the heat index is applied) for parts of Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Kansas, and Illinois (red and purple colors in the second image below).