Use Agrible’s Spray Smart™ to spray with confidence… Yes, even when spraying dicamba.

Jason Little
Director of Sales

Growers are fighting an uphill battle in their need to spray for weeds. There’s widespread resistance to herbicides in a significant number of weeds, leaving farmers with few options to control those weeds in soybeans. That, plus the devastating crop injury from spraying dicamba illegally in Missouri last season, means a lot of people are worried about what will happen this year. Luckily, Agrible® has Spray Smart™ technology, which gives applicators the information they need to make the best decisions about when and where they can safely spray. Spray Smart has been part of Morning Farm Report’s suite of predictive analytics tools for over a year, which means it’s been tested on farms all across the country.

Spray Smart tells you, up to three days in advance, the hour-by-hour wind speed, temperature inversion potential, and soil conditions for every field that you enter into your Morning Farm Report account.


Pocket Spray Smart is the app version of that technology, which means you have the information you need, in real time, on location.


This technology is so important because the current dicamba labels state applications cannot be made during an inversion. We’re forecasting hour by hour changing wind speed and direction. It’s important to note that this is a 2m (6’) wind, where the application is actually taking place and as the wind changes direction throughout the day, so will the location of the required buffer strip. We also project changing atmospheric conditions--sunny, cloudy, rainy--hour by hour, three days out. Some of the labels restrict application if rain is likely within 24 hours.

As is true with almost every herbicide label, mis-application is a violation of federal law, and it states that avoiding spray drift is solely the responsibility of the applicator. Off-target movement  of herbicides can be a very expensive situation for a retailer or grower, and Spray Smart can help them avoid a mistake that could easily cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The current labels will expire on November 9, 2018. The Environmental Protection Agency documents indicate the registration will automatically expire, “...unless the EPA determines before that date that off-target incidents are not occurring at unacceptable levels.” In other words, if we are not good stewards of the chemistry, the EPA may rescind the label. As growers, we want this chemistry available.

When the information from Spray Smart is paired with the correct ground speed, nozzle selection, and spray pressure, applicators can be confident in their operations. We know you can’t control the weather conditions, but you can control when you decide to spray. Spray Smart can help you make that decision with confidence.

You can unlock the full power of Pocket Spray Smart by signing up for a Morning Farm Report account, which is available for free for growers in Agrible’s Sustainable Yield Program or growers who work with ADM merchandisers.