A Window for Planting and Running: Agrible Teams Finish Strong in Illinois Marathon

Near perfect weather conditions at the Illinois Marathon this past weekend made for a great day for the 2017 Agrible marathon relay teams Cock-A-Data-DO and Cock-A-Data-Don't. The past two years, race day has been rainy and wet, so the sunny weather and 61 degree high temperature on Saturday was a welcomed change by all runners.

The relay splits the entire 26.2 miles into four lengths, and each runner carried a "baton" (a bib with the team number on it) throughout their leg. Agrible was well-represented with eight runners and had a great time enjoying the beautiful spring weather!

The teams were able to utilize Morning Farm Report in a unique way to view their running forecast for Illinois Marathon race day. Not only was it a great weekend for running, but there was a good window to continue planting across a large part of Central Illinois. Morning Farm Report's Tractor Time tool showed All-Ops in most areas with an ideal soil temperature.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 11.15.36 AM.png

Team Cock-A-Data-DO had a finishing time of 3:29:50 and Cock-A-Data-Don't wasn't far behind with a finishing time of 3:50:26.

Congratulations to all the Illinois Marathon runners!

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