Experience Pocket Drone Control™ at Commodity Classic


If you're going to Commodity Classic, you're in for an experience! You can stop by booth 5137 to try out Pocket Drone Control, the cutting-edge software that makes drones easy. 

With a few swipes on an iPad or iPhone, Pocket Drone Control connects with the user's Morning Farm Report account to automatically generate a flight plan and launch the drone. When the mission is complete, the photos from the drone are immediately processed on the device, even if no data service is available. This means users can quickly identify visible crop damage and get an accurate estimate of the damaged area without having to walk a field. 

Local weather and drone flight conditions for your current location, as well as all of your fields, are visible at a glance, along with reports on wind, visibility, and no-fly zones. 

Stop by booth 5137 at Commodity Classic to use Pocket Drone Control yourself and see how aerial missions can help you make better decisions.