Agrible Values the Agricultural Data Transparency Evaluator Seal

Agrible® was one of the very first companies to go through the Ag Data Transparency Evaluator (ADTE) process and get its seal of approval. The American Farm Bureau Federation supports this process because it ensures growers understand where their data is going and who has access and control over it. 

Chris Harbourt, Founder and CEO of Agrible, wanted to show in a very clear way that Agrible is trustworthy and upfront in its use of grower property. Agrible focuses on data analytics, and knows how important it is to treat that data correctly for the grower. ADTE’s clear language and rigorous evaluation process shows how sensitive this relationship between a grower and his or her data can be. The evaluation process focuses on ensuring data are handled with quality, timeliness, accuracy, and trust. Clear data ownership is important to Agrible'sgrower customers so it is important to Agrible too. After all, many of Agrible’s employees are also growers.

Agrible is committed to being open and clear about its business objectives of data analysis with growers. As with all data technology companies using grower data, Agrible developed a Terms & Conditions document and a Privacy Policy.  ADTE reviewed those documents, analyzed them, and then laid out their provisions in straightforward, clear language.  Chris was excited about that clarity from ADTE, since that’s what he wanted to ensure for Agrible’s growers.  

The ideas behind Agrible started way back in 1997 when three of the Founders, Chris Harbourt, Bill Northcott, and Paul Miller were in graduate school together in agricultural engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Technology was not quite ready for them yet in 1997, but their ideas came, stayed, and now form the basis for Agrible's Morning Farm Report, providing growers with daily insights into their fields and crops.  It also provides forecasts into the future, so the grower can take those insights and make the most informed decisions possible. Agrible provides insights not only for a grower’s current crops, but to ensure their business is stronger for future generations.