Insider Insights - Tim Kuehlhorn, Chief Technology Officer

Technology is the backbone of what we do here at Agrible. We pride ourselves not only on our skilled team of engineers and computer scientists, but also on the farming backgrounds many of us possess. The result is a highly diverse group of people working together to bring growers the most accurate data possible for their operations. 

Chief Technology Officer, Tim Kuehlhorn, brings his knowledge and expertise to architecting the technology strategy for the Morning Farm Report® web platform. 

Kuehlhorn developed a passion for technology as a child, and was a self proclaimed "trekkie" (Star Trek Fan) and active sci-fi video gamer. His passion for futuristic technology inspired him to study computer science in high school, and later he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Illinois. The program is currently ranked fourth in the nation for computer engineering programs. 

Following graduation, Kuelhhorn worked for the department of Agricultural & Biological Engineering at the University of Illinois, developing geostatistical analyses software. He then worked as a mobile software engineer for various companies and enjoyed architecting the servers that power mobile apps for large corporate clients. 

"One of our clients at the time said that our app was the most beautiful app they've ever seen deployed," said Kuehlhorn. 

When Agrible co-founder Paul Miller approached Kuehlhorn about joining as a founding member of the Agrible team, he knew it would be an excellent opportunity.

"When I first met Tim, I thought, wow, this guy really knows a lot about computer science and I want to work with him," said Miller. 

Since joining Agrible in 2014, Kuehlhorn has seen the team grow from eight employees three years ago, to over 70 currently. "We have some amazing talent here and we've built a useful suite of apps and tools designed from the ground up to improve farming operations so that growers can be more stable and sustainable," he said. 

Often, technology requires integrations with other company web platforms. Agrible has linked with the My John Deere platform, Winfield United's Answer Tech, and the ADM/CRS Aeros crop insurance platform to make it easier for growers to integrate their existing software with new programs. "These are examples of how we build connections and provide our service to other customers and their growers to help drive the next generation of agriculture," said Kuehlhorn. 

Some people may not view computer science as a creative field, but Kuehlhorn knows differently. When he's not working in the office, he enjoys creating board games. Four years ago, he started a board game competition (, and some of the winning games have gone on to be published. His favorite board game is Game of Thrones. 

Kuehlhorn is also on the board of CUDO, the Champaign Urbana Design Organization. "This allows me to connect with a community of creative people. It really influences how I think about design from an interacting level and a technical level to provide the best possible experience for our users," he explained. 

You can see the results of some of Tim's work on Morning Farm Report and through our free apps, like Pocket Rain Gauge and Pocket Drone Plan.