Agrible featured in THRIVE Top 50


Agrible is now recognized as one of SVG Partners' THRIVE Top 50 - an annual ranking of "agricultural companies to know" who are powering the future of farming. This list honors companies across six areas of expertise within ag: biotechnology, connected devices, cloud services/SaaS, robotics and automation, big data & analytics, and supply chain & infrastructure. 

"Every day, we have a great group of scientists, ag experts, software developers, and growers that come together to help producers farm smarter. Our software, Morning Farm Report turns data into field-level insights for the grower. The suite of predictive analytics tools help farmers with everything from streamlining operations, to how much nitrogen they should add, to forecasting their yields. Our goal is to increase profits, reduce waste, and give the grower more time with family. It's always humbling when others recognize and honor the work we do," says Agrible CEO Chris Harbourt. 

At THRIVE's Ag Tech Innovation Forum in San Francisco, specialty growers and leaders from featured companies and startups shared how they are tackling the challenges facing agriculture today, like sustainability and the push for new technologies. 

Agrible CEO Chris Harbourt went to the awards presentation near San Francisco, CA. 


"It was really exciting to be one of the few midwest companies to be recognized. We're really proud of being from the heart of the country where our farmers grow and produce their livelihood. Sharing that story of helping growers build their operations for their families and future generations with companies from across the country always makes us so proud of our Midwest roots," says Harbourt. 

Agrible is headquartered in Champaign, IL at the University of Illinois' Research Park. Our software is made by a group of more than sixty scientists, software developers and growers changing and challenging the future of agriculture, so generations of growers can farm smarter. 

Thrive AgTech, founded in 2014, is an ecosystem founded by SVG Partners that brings entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, farmers and major corporations together to solve global challenges facing the Agriculture and Food industries.