When Business and Agronomics Come Together, New Outcomes Emerge For Sustainable Food and Agriculture

Two powerhouse firms collaborate to provide value-added solutions from farm to fork

We are in the midst of the ‘food revolution.’ Consumers today are demanding transparency, and it is reshaping the food industry. They want to know more about where their food comes from, which drives partners in the food and agriculture supply chain to ask more questions, push for answers, and seek more information from food companies, processors, and producers. Given the tremendous and varied opportunities in the food industry, however, can our industry demonstrate true sustainable outcomes? 

Strategic Efforts for Sustainable Outcomes


In the search for attaining ideal sustainable outcomes for their food and ag clients, Agrible, Inc. and K·Coe Isom have focused on two complementary fronts: technology solutions, and business management and strategy. 

Today, these firms have joined forces to deliver value-added sustainable solutions to food and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies from farm to fork. Agrible® and K·Coe Isom have paired agronomic expertise and the seamless automation of Morning Farm Report® and other tools, with the innate business acumen of financial and sustainability advising through K·Coe Isom’s ResourceMax™ Solutions. 

The result is bottom-line, business-focused outcomes from sound, strategic sustainability efforts. 

Managing Comprehensive Data, Meeting Consumer Demands, and Tackling Industry Challenges

Through this collaboration, data aggregation from the farm will link directly to food company sourcing, marketing, financial and business strategies. This is extremely valuable to our industry because businesses who do sustainability well throughout their supply and internal infrastructure will increase business value, improve costs, manage risks, and engage customers and consumers to build trust and loyalty. 

“Together, we go even further to help food and CPG companies demonstrate their stewardship, social responsibility, and financial accountability to investors, stakeholders, customers, and the public,” says Jeff Peters, VP of Sustainability for Agrible.  

In the food and CPG industry, what the consumer wants, the consumer gets. Consumers drive everything we grow, process, market, and sell. But ultimately we have a very complex industry that is not easy to share with consumers. There are massive amounts of data, complex trade-offs, and changing dynamics. Agrible and K·Coe Isom are focused on data-driven transparency to cut through the confusion to meet consumer expectations for sustainable food. 

“We get the question: why is this so important? Sustainability is not just a buzzword any more for ‘green’ or ‘environment’. To be successful and provide a return on equity, sustainability has to be focused on triple-bottom-line management. This is because as much as 70% of business value is tied to sustainability outcomes,” says Emily Johannes, Director of Sustainability for K·Coe Isom. 


These two firms are collaborating to solve for the future we face in food – to feed billions more people in the next 20 – 30 years without new land, water, or resources available. By bringing together state-of-the-art technology, data analysis, sound strategy, meaningful advising, and business know-how, Agrible and K·Coe Isom are poised to tackle the greatest industry challenges.

About Agrible and K·Coe Isom
At Agrible, we are working to assure the global supply chain is sustainably sourced, one field at a time. Our easy-to-use agriculture software is backed with world-class science. We forecast how weather will impact a range of crops, agricultural operations, and economic decisions. It helps growers produce premium ingredients that are better for consumers and better for the world. Then, we help growers find the best value for their practices and data by connecting them with partners and companies who want responsibly produced goods for their consumers and a better world for all. Agrible also created and supports mobile apps such as Pocket Rain Gauge™, Pocket Spray Smart™, and Pocket Drone Control™. These iOS and Android apps provide real-time and future insights for a farmer's fields, as well as their current location. Learn more at www.agrible.com.

K·Coe Isom leads, nationally as consultants, CPAs, and business advisors in the food and agriculture industry. A top 60 accounting and consulting firm, we are deeply embedded throughout the US food-supply chain from policy to plate. We work with producers, input suppliers, processors, packagers, distributors, biofuel manufacturers, equipment dealerships, landowners, lenders, and many agencies and policy organizations that support the industry. Our sustainability team provides valuable tools, strategies, plans, and analysis to increase food and agriculture’s business value and credibility in the marketplace. K·Coe Isom builds business-oriented sustainability programs for food companies, beef, dairy, pork, turkey, grain/feed companies and producers, enabling them to capture and report sustainability information to valued customers and the public. K·Coe Isom serves domestic and international clientele from 21 coast-to-coast offices. Learn more at www.kcoe.com.