Pocket Drone Plan


Today we are excited to release Pocket Drone Plan, a brand new iOS app that checks wind speed and direction, visibility, weather conditions, and controlled airspace boundaries to provide UAS Drone flight recommendations at your current location or on your Morning Farm Report™ fields. 

Pocket Drone Plan joins Pocket Rain Gauge™ in our suite of Morning Farm Report™ apps. These apps are bringing the power of Morning Farm Report™ directly to your smartphone and presenting the best data available to help you make the most informed decisions. 

Before a flight, pull out Pocket Drone Plan and check flying conditions at your current location. Flight conditions are updated hourly and let you know if conditions are favorable to fly, if you should use caution before flying, or if the conditions are not suitable for any flight. Wind speed and temperature information are also included. 

All flight recommendations are based on current wind speed and gusts at 400 feet at your exact location. 

If you connect your Morning Farm Report™ account to Pocket Drone Plan, you can also get flight conditions for all of your fields. Just click the "Your Fields" button to get a list of your fields and their flying conditions. 

Pocket Drone Plan and our Drone Plan tool in Morning Farm Report™ reflects our support for Know Before You Fly, a campaign aimed at educating prospective users of unmanned aerial systems, like drones, about safe and responsible operations, including who can currently fly, where they fly, and for what purposes. We are proud to offer these tools and to be a part of an organization that is helping UAS owners fly safely and smartly. 

Pocket Drone Plan and our Drone Plan tool in Morning Farm Report™ is part of the Complimentary AgriBundle™. 

Download Pocket Drone Plan for free on the App Store. 

Pocket Drone Plan provides wind and visibility data on your current planned operation area, but does not assume responsibility for flight decisions based on the data shown. Unmanned vehicle flights should never interfere with manned vehicles and should be respectful of no-fly zones. Please see our Terms & Conditions.