Taking the Path to Sustainability: Part 3

Sustainability can be a complicated goal to wrap your head around, and a useful way to think about it is to consider the classic narrow front end tractor. Designed to maneuver easily on uneven surfaces, the three wheels of the Sustainability Tractor represent Profits, People, and the Planet. If any wheel is given more or less importance than the others, the tractor will be unstable, but if all three wheels are given an equal footing, the tractor will be well-balanced and serve its purpose indefinitely - continuing to provide a solid base for our children and all of the children that we, as farmers, feed. 

If you missed the last two posts on the Profit and People wheels of the Sustainability Tractor and how the Morning Farm Report™ Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program can help you earn more bushels per acre, then now is a great time to catch up! 


The Planet wheel of the Sustainability Tractor is the consideration of the natural resources like soil, water, and energy, which we all share. Sustainable decisions balance the wants of profit and of people with the maintenance of natural processes, ecosystem service, integrity, of landscapes, watersheds, and aquatic habitats. To keep the Sustainability Tractor on sure footing, our management decisions must account for these shared natural resources. 

Morning Farm Report™ already supplies you with tools like Advanced Nutrient Engine which works for you by providing a complete nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) modeling system based on long-term weather forecasts, which helps you stay aware of your nutrient needs. This tool is invaluable when working towards best management practices, especially with more regulations on nutrient management in the news. 

Nitrogen fertilization in the cropping system is one of the largest input costs and energy uses. The fastest way to improve production AND sustainability is to understand and manage your crop's nitrogen use in-season with Morning Farm Report™. We show you how much Nitrogen your crop is utilizing to grow and any losses from the plant environment. We can tell you how much return you're getting on your investment, and help you keep nitrogen on your field - and out of the surrounding environment. 

Nitrogen is just one example of what makes the Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program your ticket to balance. Having all your information in Field Story gives you the power to use other Morning Farm Report™ tools like Tractor Time, Spray Smart™, Advanced Nutrient Engine, Yield Engine, and more to make strategic choices on virtually every aspect of your operation. 

In the Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program, each key measure of sustainability for your field is compared to a local benchmark. These measure include Energy Use, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Soil Use (Land Use / Soil Loss / Soil Carbon combined), Water Use, Water Quality, and then Agrible™ went a step further and includes one more metric based on our industry-leading Advanced Nutrient Engine: Nitrogen Use. This metric is directly connected with your Agrible™ Advanced Nutrient Engine and is a sustainable sourcing advantage found only on Morning Farm Report™. 

If you'd like to have Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program help you balance all three wheels of the Sustainability Tractor by showing your engagement for downstream buyers, highlighting sustainable practices, demonstrating value, and connecting with Ag Industry Sustainability Standards and Toolsets, then sign up your acres now

We hope you've enjoyed our highlights on the "Sustainability Tractor" and how the Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program from Agrible™ can help you create a competitive edge in your operation. If you've missed any of this series, you can still learn about how the Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program helps you effortlessly balance the Profit, People, and Planet wheels of the Sustainability Tractor, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to be the first to find out what's new!