Taking the Path to Sustainability: Part 2

Sustainability can be a complicated goal to wrap your head around, and a useful way to think about it is to consider the classic narrow front end tractor. Designed to maneuver easily on uneven surfaces, the three wheels of the Sustainability Tractor represent Profits, People, and the Planet. If any wheel is given more or less importance than the others, the tractor will be unstable, but if all three wheels are given an equal footing, the tractor will be well-balanced and serve its purpose indefinitely - continuing to provide a solid base for our children and all of the children that we, as farmers, feed. 

If you missed the last post on the Profit wheel of the "Sustainability Tractor" and how the Morning Farm Report™ Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program can help you earn more per bushel, you can read it here!


The People wheel of the Sustainability Tractor refers to the social improvements that come with sustainable decisions, like equal access to jobs/income, education, shared natural resources, and stronger communities for all people. Sustainability "levels the playing field" between growers and consumers, and shares the values to the downstream client with the growers, while anonymous aggregated data allows growers to preserve their local business advantages. 

Consumers want a balance between the production of the crops used to make their food and the natural resources we all share. The grain supply chain is working hard to meet the sustainable sourcing demands made by the major food brands who are committed to using sustainably sourced ingredients by 2020. Currently, sustainable sourcing efforts start at the elevator scales when they take a grain delivery. Before that, however, there is an even bigger opportunity for the grower. 

Morning Farm Report™ can help growers like you to create a superior, sustainably-grown product. 

When you enter the number of acres you grow into our Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program, our data experts go to work. Together with other growers we identify food brands and agricultural processors who are looking for proven sustainable grain like yours. We work with the processors to find additional value by providing anonymous, aggregated data through the Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program and then return that value to you, the grower. 

If you'd like to have Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program help you effortlessly balance all three wheels of the Sustainability Tractor by showing your engagement for downstream buyers, highlighting sustainable practices and demonstrating value, and connecting with Ag Industry Sustainability Standards and Toolsets, then sign up your acres here

Each day we'll highlight a wheel of the "Sustainability Tractor" and show you how the Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program from Agrible™ can help you stay balanced. Check back later this week to learn how the Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program helps you effortlessly balance the other wheels of the Sustainability Tractor, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to stay tuned!