Tell Your Sustainability Story with Morning Farm Report™

With the new Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program™, we have revolutionized the way growers are sharing their sustainability stories. Market demands are changing, and to meet this new demand for sustainable crops, many companies are committing to being 100% sustainable by 2020. With the Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program™, it is now easier than ever for a grower to highlight their sustainability practices and connect with producers and retailers looking for sustainably grown crops. 

Easily connecting sustainably grown crops with producers isn’t the only benefit growers get with the Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program™: they also get discounts to other Morning Farm Report™ products and the possibility of new revenue streams. The price of the Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program™ and the discount you receive to other AgriBundles changes depending on how many acres are committed to the the program.

The image above explains the pricing structure for the Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program. With a commitment of 1,000+ acres, both the Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program and the 2016 Grower AgriBundle are discounted so you owe nothing. That is a discount of $2,198. 

With a commitment of 6,000+ acres, you get the Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program and the All Hands AgriBundle completely discounted. That is a discount of $6,000.

Plus, as we continue to partner with companies and producers looking for sustainably grown crops, there is the possibility of additional revenue streams for growers.

We’re excited to work with growers to help tell their sustainability stories. If you have questions about the Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program™ and how it works, please contact us at or call 877-522-2093.