Grower of the Month: Garrett Bruns

Garrett and his son, Cael.

Garrett and his son, Cael.


Our July Grower of the Month is Garrett Bruns, a third-generation grower from Central Illinois that grows corn and soybeans across 1500 acres in Champaign County. 

Garrett and his younger sister, Chandler, have been involved in their family's farming operation since they were kids, with his earliest memories being walking the beans in the early mornings when wet with dew:

"For as long as I can remember I've been at the farm each year taking on more responsibility each year as I grew up," he said.

Now, Garrett runs his family's farming business with help from his sister, who is studying Agricultural Leadership Education at the University of Illinois. Together they are striving to uphold the farming standards set forth by their father, who had been a great influence in both of their lives. 

Garrett with his son, Cael, and sister, Chandler.

Garrett with his son, Cael, and sister, Chandler.


For Garrett, changing weather patterns and the effects of rain or storms on crops is an exciting part of the job, especially with access to precise rainfall data and forecasts:

"Morning Farm Report has been an amazing tool with the precise rainfall that I can look at across our area. We are currently using it to load in some of our past productions to keep a better traceability on each farm's performance."

As far as challenges go, Garrett described that the marketing decision making for his operation can be a big obstacle, and believes that staying up to date with what is going on in the world grain market is important when dealing with marketing decisions. 

Above all else, Garrett loves his family, and so it is also important to him in his operations to practice sustainable approaches whenever possible. For example, they are a no-till operation, and try their best to maintain the ground for future generations. Garret uses tools within Morning Farm Report to enhance sustainability on his farms:


"The tools like Spray Smart and Nutrient Engine can only make our farming practices more sustainable in the sense that we keep the ground in the best shape that we possibly can. Being able to have less waste and keep a better eye on things in such an easy application is a great tool. Just like a piece of equipment on the farm, new technology needs to be utilized to continue into the future."

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