Putting Field Forecast to the test

NYC Central Park Sheep Meadow 

This week Agrible employee Dr. B went to NYC for a week's vacation! She had a lot of fun in the Big Apple, but a week is a long time, and even the brightest, most legendary city in the world starts to wear down on a prairie woman who isn't acclimated to quite that much hustle and bustle. 

About halfway through the week she needed some green space and fresh air, so she decided to visit Central Park. What's a prairie woman to do, but check the weather first? We put the Central Park Sheep Meadow into Morning Farm Report to get the best weather forecasts available! 

Central Park is entirely man-made - even the soil was brought in from elsewhere - so the Primary and Wet Spot predictions of the Hourly Soil Logistics column in Tractor Time Hourly would not be the right tool for the job, but Morning Farm Report's rainfall predictions work from the other direction, and Dr. B was on vacation, so she wasn't going to be doing any planting!

This is what Morning Farm Report predicted, shown in Tractor Time Hourly to get the most precise forecast: 


This is what Dr. B found, shown in panorama, to get the most clear blue sky:


You can get the precision and detail of Tractor Time Hourly with the 2016 Grower Agribundle, along with a host of other tools, but if you want to check out Morning Farm Report for free, try our Complimentary Agribundle before you buy! (Flight to New York City sold separately).