A FREE Morning Farm Report Account

Did you know that with a FREE Morning Farm Account™, you not only get access to field-specifics forecasts on rainfall, temperature, GDD, and humidity, but also wind speed and wind direction to help plan drone missions? All of this amazing information is absolutely free on up to 100 individual fields with the Complimentary AgriBundle.

Field Forecast

With Field Forecast, you can easily plan the next 2 weeks with rainfall, temperature, and humidity forecasts. You can also check the weather status of your fields with information on rainfall, temperature, and growing degree days for the last 7 and 30 days, since planting, year-to-day, as well as a 10 year average and 30-year normal value. 

Drone Plan

Drone Plan helps you fly safe and plan well for the best data collections missions. Data includes current and forecasted wind conditions, gusts, visibility, and general cloud/rainfall conditions. Drone Plan will also display warning flags if the field is located within a no-fly zone.

Head over to Morning Farm Report to set up your FREE Complimentary AgriBundle account. If you have questions about upgrading your account to the 2016 Grower AgriBundle, contact us at 877-522-2093 or email us at therooster@morningfarmreport.com.