Introducing the Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program

Today we are very proud to launch the Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program inside Morning Farm Report™. As Jeff Peters, our Director of Sustainability and Partnerships, described, today’s consumers want to know more about where products come from, how they are produced, and whether they are produced with the environment and social/worker conditions in mind.

This new program, combined with the already powerful decision-making tools found in Morning Farm Report™, gives growers the ability to characterize their operation’s sustainability and helps communicate that story to the consumer marketplace.

The Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program integrates Ag Industry sustainability metrics to measure and report field-level environmental performance for a number of row crops, including corn, soybean, and wheat crops.

Streamlining the data entry process through Field Story™, the Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program calculates field level performance for several metrics:  land use, energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, soil conservation, soil quality, irrigation water use, water quality, and nitrogen use; and compares performance to state level benchmarks. 

To generate this field level assessment, users must confirm their individual field management events and site information in Field Story™, including planting, nutrient management, crop protection, tillage, previous crop, as well as site-specific field characteristics like soil texture and slope that are automatically known by Morning Farm Report™. After successfully documenting your seasonal production information, simply calculate the field data to display your performance by metric for each of your fields.

Agrible™ partners with growers who use the Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program to provide anonymous, aggregated summaries to those needing to document their environmental performance for downstream customers. As leaders in promoting grower data privacy and transparency, and as a certified Ag Data Transparent company, Agrible™ is dedicated to making this process secure and always putting the growers interests first.

Learn more about the Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program on the Morning Farm Report™ website. If you have questions or comments, contact us at or call 877-522-2093.  

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