Celebrating National Pollinator Week

This week we celebrate “National Pollinator Week”, which was designed to bring awareness to pollinators and the important role they play in our ecosystem.

Here at Agrible™, we know the importance of pollinators and have designed our products to help minimize the impact that operations have on pollinator populations. Inside our Spray Smart™ tool, we use wind direction and cutting edge research on bee behavior (as well as some of our secret magic) to give you the green check that says spraying is pollinator safe, or a warning to be(e) cautious. Plus, all of this information is available up to 84 hours in advance.

Alongside the hourly information on soil conditions, temperature inversion, wind speed and direction, and weather conditions, is a column labeled Pollinator. 

This column will show one of three bees giving a recommendation on whether or not spraying at that time is pollinator safe. 

A bee with a green check mark flag means spraying is likely safe concerning pollinators. A yellow warning flag means that operations may not be safe for pollinators. A red flag means that certain spraying operations can be harmful to nearby pollinator populations.

Pollinators are an incredibly important part of global agriculture and by working together with farmers, we can help maintain a growing environment that is productive, sustainable, and safe for pollinators.

If you have any questions about Spray Smart™or pollinator awareness, please contact us at info@agrible.com or 877-522-2093.