Spray Smart™

Changing weather conditions can be a challenge when trying to plan a spraying operation, especially with the threat of drift and off-target applications. With Spray Smart™ inside of Morning Farm Report™, growers get the knowledge they need to plan their spraying operations up to 84 hours in advance


For each of your fields, Spray Smart™ uses the big data infrastructure of Morning Farm Report™ to forecast windspeed and direction, soil conditions, temperature inversions, and whether or not spraying is safe for pollinators in the area. 

One of the most important questions to answer when planning a spraying operation is whether or not you can actually get out in the field. Just like in Tractor Time Hourly, Spray Smart™ shows soil conditions and field workability for every hour of the day, letting you know what types of operations are suitable for your fields.

Even if the ground is fit to work, spraying when there is a temperature inversion can cause unplanned spray drift and off-target damage. The atmospheric and agronomic models inside Spray Smart™ forecast temperature inversions on a field-specific and hourly basis, helping you hone down on the best spraying window.

On top of that, Spray Smart™ shows wind speed and direction, hourly weather conditions, and the ever important pollinator safety. We use wind direction and cutting edge research on bee behavior (as well as some of our secret magic) to give you the green check that says spraying is pollinator safe, or warning you to be(e) cautious.

Spray Smart™ also connects to Field Story™, giving you the ability to log your spraying operations into Morning Farm Report™. These log entries help the system fine tune our forecasts to your unique characteristics improving the accuracy and catering Morning Farm Report™ to your specific needs.

For more information on Spray Smart™, head over to Morning Farm Report™. Or reach out to us at 877-522-2093 or email us at therooster@morningfarmreport.com.