Reach your in-season yield potential with Advanced Nutrient Engine

This post includes a special introduction by Paul Miller, Agrible's Chief Science Officer.

Hi everyone, and welcome to our first blog post on Advanced Nutrient Engine in Morning Farm Report. Over the years, Bill, Chris, and I always saw how useful our technology could be to growers and the agricultural community. We knew that growers would want to not only know their yields, but also self-manage their nutrients in Morning Farm Report. Last year, Agrible teams spent thousands of hours building what became the Yield Engine, and after using that, our grower community asked us for the Advanced Nutrient Engine. But for us to build the Advanced Nutrient Engine, we needed to build a lot of other technologies for Morning Farm Report. I’ll mention a few examples here. We needed Field Story so that growers could put in their fertilizer applications. We needed infrastructure for us to affect the Yield Engine based on grower field stories. We also needed all the technologies internal to Agrible that allow us to manage and run the system “Right out of the Box -just like the seeds you plant.” For international folks, I just mean that the system runs as soon as you enter your fields or import those fields into the system through the always-increasing number of Ag data systems that we support in Morning Farm Report (like ADM Aeros, myJohnDeere, or our own custom field import system).
As Chief Science Officer here at Agrible, I am incredibly proud of the team that built the Advanced Nutrient Engine. Our science team here is incredible, full of tenacity and grit, and just builds amazing stuff. Agriculture in the US (and I’d also say globally) is an industry that prides itself on its self-reliance and determination. Agrible has been forged from that furnace and, as Chris likes to say, “Agrible is an agricultural company that pivoted into software.” The team that built the Advanced Nutrient Engine are Growers, Agricultural Engineers, Mathematicians, Physicists, Computer Scientists, and Atmospheric Scientists - and that list is just for the core of the science. We have Marketing and Sales, Graphic and User Design, and Front End (Web) Developers all working together to, not only build such a great product, but also get it to growers to use and affect their operations.

People like to imagine what it is like to be part of a startup company, but it is a difficult thing to explain. There are the usuals, like long hours, intense demands, and risk. Does that not sound like Farming to you all? The sentiment is the same. We do these things, and we work this hard to produce something from nothing and to build something that not only people want to use but that truly makes a difference in a grower’s business. With prices down and with other interests looking to possibly regulate fertilizer applications in places where they have never been regulated before, we think that the Advanced Nutrient Engine can not only help but put money back into a grower’s pocket. We at Agrible, particularly the Science Team here, are proud to present the Advanced Nutrient Engine to the world. We launched it with Morning Farm Report 2016, and we are going to go into more details here about it.


With more regulations every year on nutrient management, being aware of your nutrient needs is invaluable when working towards best management practices. Advanced Nutrient Engine in Morning Farm Report is helping growers do that and more by providing a complete nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) modeling system based on long-term weather forecasts.

Combined with Field Story and Yield Engine, Advanced Nutrient Engine integrates key nutrient technologies into an easy-to-navigate toolset that is unlike any other service out there.


To help growers understand the complex N and P dynamics occurring in their field-specific soils, Advanced Nutrient Engine provides detailed 14-day forecasts of N and P loss. On this field, our corn crop is predicted to lose 4.1 lbs/ac of N over the next 14 days, but no P. With this knowledge we can appropriately plan the next couple of weeks. 

The Nutrient Detail View in Advanced Nutrient Engine shows the N or P needed for a maximum weather-driven yield potential, and helps growers decide if it makes sense to apply more to capture that yield. For both N and P, this view shows a soil nutrient forecast until the crop’s maturity, current nutrient status for the soil, and crop nutrient use. Easily switch between data on N and P by clicking the N and P buttons with the tiny roosters. 

Use the one-of-a-kind Advanced Nutrient Engine to understand the present and forecast nitrogen & phosphorus status in the soil. Only Advanced Nutrient Engine can help you prepare your crop to reach this year’s maximum yield potential. 

Advanced Nutrient Engine is available as part of the 2016 Grower AgriBundle. Learn more at

Stay tuned for more posts on how to combine Field Story™ and Yield Engine to get the most out of Advanced Nutrient Engine.