Reacting to Severe Weather with Morning Farm Report

This week's weather video predicted heavy rains and the potential for severe storms throughout parts of the United States. With severe weather comes the possibility of hail as well as complications to planned fieldwork. With the tools provided in Morning Farm Report, like Hail Alerts, Tractor Time, and Field Forecast, growers can easily stay on top of all of that. 


With the new Hail Alerts tool inside Morning Farm Report™, growers get access to field-specific information about hail events, like probability of hail event, event duration and density, and hail size. Whenever there is a possible event, an email alert is sent out letting growers know they may need to take action on a specific field. Learn more about Hail Alerts here. 

Tractor Time Daily provides  14-day forecasted soil conditions and temperatures to help growers avoid compaction and plan conditions, so no matter what a storms throw at you, you will be prepared.


Whenever there is a weather event on the horizon, Field Forecast helps growers determine just how their fields will be affected, as well examine the weather history of their fields. Field Forecast provides field-level forecasts for rainfall, temperature, Growing Degree Days (GDD), and humidity. It also summarizes a field’s recent weather status by comparing recent weather events to historical averages so growers can see the complete picture of how weather is affecting their fields.

Stay up to date with how weather is affecting your fields with Morning Farm Report. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.