Introducing Hail Alerts


A hail event can be disastrous to a field’s yield potential. According to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) (,  in 2015 there were over 5,400 hail events in the US, causing about $1 Billion dollars in damage to crops and property. 


With the new Hail Alerts tool inside Morning Farm Report™, growers get access to field-specific information about hail events, like probability of hail event, event duration and density, and hail size. Whenever there is a possible event, an email alert is sent out letting growers know they may need to take action on a specific field. This lets growers know exactly what fields to check, eliminating time spent searching for affected fields and expediting claims, saving time and money. Included is crop growth stage and ways to log the event into Field Story™ for easy record keeping and access down the road. 

To accomplish this, our weather team has created a proprietary system that detects hail events. This is done at a field level, so whenever there is a possible hail event on a grower's specific field, they are notified.

Inside Hail Alerts, all hail events for a field in the current season are shown on the top bar. When the default “Home” tab is selected, Hail Alerts will show the field’s planting date, crop type, and growth stage of the crop. All of the hail events for that specific field will be listed to the right of the “Home” Button. On our of our test fields called “Durant” we’ve have 4 hail events so far this year. 

Clicking on a one of the hail incidents will bring up information about that event. Cards will show the probability, size, density, duration, and your current crop growth stage. For the 3/18/16 event on our field, there was an under 50% chance an event with pea-sized hail with high density lasted for 2 minutes. 

Each hail event can be easily recorded into Field Story by clicking the "Add Event" button. Growers can log the event into Field Story exactly the way Hail Alerts reported it, or alter the information based on visualized data. Letting Field Story know if the crop was damaged or not helps Morning Farm Report™ dial in the yield forecasts for that individual field.  


Hail Alerts is available as an upgrade to the 2016 Grower AgriBundle™. To learn more about Hail Alerts and all of the other brand new tools in Morning Farm Report™ 2016, head over to our website