Track weather patterns for your fields with Field Forecast


Field Forecast


Predicting volatility in weather patterns is always a struggle when planning your next move on the farm, but the more information you have about what’s to come, the easier it is to make the best decisions. With Field Forecast in Morning Farm Report™, we help growers track weather patterns and plan their operations up to 14 days out.

Field Forecast provides field-level forecasts for rainfall, temperature, Growing Degree Days (GDD), and humidity. It also summarizes a field’s recent weather status by comparing recent weather events to historical averages so growers can see the complete picture of how weather is affecting their fields.

One of our most popular and talked about features is the weekly weather video by our Principal Atmospheric Scientist Eric Snodgrass, so we put it right on the top of Field Forecast. These videos forecast the upcoming week’s weather and how it will affect growing operations across the country.


Next is the Field Forecast section, which shows daily rainfall, maximum temperature, and relative humidity for today and forecasts for the next 3 days, next 7 days, and next 14 days. Forecasts are based on state-of-the-art weather models that are updated every morning by 5 a.m. Use this section to stay on top of the weather and plan the next two weeks of operations.

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Following that is the Recent Weather Status section, which provides an overview of a field’s weather activity. It shows rainfall, temperature, and GDDs for the last 7 days, the last 30 days, planting to date, calendar year to date, and the normal year to date based on 30 years of weather data. Keeping track of the total rainfall and changes in temperature is an invaluable tool when calculating nutrient loss and gauging plant growth or pest emergence.

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Field Forecast results based solely on location is available for free, but the ability to sync up events with Field Story and include data like plant date and crop type comes with a subscription to the 2016 Grower AgriBundle™.