Tell the story of your fields with Field Story™

Field Story™

One of the newest additions to Morning Farm Report™, and a key component to the 2016 Grower AgriBundle™, is Field Story™. Field Story™ allows growers to record the story of their fields by keeping track of seasonal operations, inputs, scouting notes, and more. Think of Field Story™ as a digital filing cabinet where all of the operations that happen in a field can be recorded, securely stored, and easily accessed.

To get a closer look, we will examine the Field Story™ for one of our test fields that is growing soybeans. 

Field Story™ is shown in a timeline view, with all of your operations—from planting to harvest and everything in between—shown in chronological order. Starting off the list is Characteristics about your field, which you can change or leave as the default “Rooster” settings. Entering in your own Field Characteristics helps Morning Farm Report cater the recommendations and forecasts provided by its other tools to your field specifications. Leaving it as the default “Rooster” settings means Morning Farm Report™ will assume typical management practices for your specific area.

Adding a new event can be done by clicking the “Add new Event” button, or by logging an activity in other Morning Farm Report™ tools like Tractor Time or Spray Smart™. “Add New Event” buttons can be found above the timeline and at the top of each expanded year. Clicking on this button will reveal events such as planting, tillage, drone flights, chemical applications, fertilizer, and field yield. More events are in development and coming soon.

The first input we have on our field is the “Rooster” Fertilization event. It assumes typical management practices, but a grower can easily customize it to their operation. Customization Options include defining the specific forms of fertilizers used, the rate applied,the application methods and placement depth.

On this field we have a planting date of May 26 for our soybeans. Again, this field is using the “Rooster” setting, but a grower can adjust the seed variety, seeding method, row spacing, depth, population, and more.

Recording and sharing scouting notes is another great use of Field Story™.  A grower can grant access and set permission levels for multiple users in their account.  As a consultant or agronomist is scouting a grower’s fields, they can make note of their findings in Field Story™, so everyone on the account can access the information. 

Plus, all of this is easily done from any mobile device. 

Learn more about Field Story and the 2016 Grower AgriBundle™ at MorningFarmReport.Com™.