Introducing Morning Farm Report™ 2016


Welcome to Morning Farm Report™ 2016! In addition to a new look and design, we’ve added some great new tools and features to help growers make the most informed decisions this 2016 growing season.

Joining the yield forecasts, fieldwork recommendations, and weather forecasts already provided by Morning Farm Report™ are tools like Advanced Nutrient Engine, Spray Smart™, Drone Plan™Field Story™, and more. We've also updated the features in Tractor Time to include hourly fieldwork recommendations, and added spring wheat and barley to our Yield Engine predictions.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg of all the changes we made to Morning Farm Report™. The image below is a great place to start in learning about all the new features.


With Advanced Nutrient Engine, growers get field-specific nitrogen and phosphorous forecasts based on Morning Farm Report™’s forecasted yields. Spray Smart™ advises spraying operations with field-specific conditions forecasted 3.5 days out, wind speed and direction, temperature inversions, soil conditions, and pollinator awareness. Drone Plan helps flyers stay safe with hourly wind and visibility forecasts, data on no-fly zones, and downloadable monthly activity reports. 

Field Story™ is a brand new tool that lets users document their operations, inputs, planting, and scouting notes. In addition to helping growers easily store and organize their data, each new entry in Field Story allows Morning Farm Report™ to deliver more actionable information by customizing it to a grower’s specific operation.  

All of these new features can be found in the 2016 Grower AgriBundle™. Click here to learn more about this AgriBundle™ and all of our other AgriBundles.

Stay tuned for more in-depth posts about each of these new additions.