Seed-selection made easy with Agrible’s Find My Seed for free

Seed-selection, it’s that time of year again. Combat any questionable claims or substitutions this year with independent, unbiased data from Agrible’s Find My Seed.

After you are given a list of seeds suggested by your local seed salesman and agronomist, you will be able to use Agrible’s Find My Seed as reassurance that you are getting the best seeds selected for your farming practices. 

But that’s not all. You can also browse through Agrible’s Find My Seed database to see if there may be a different seed you would like to try based upon trial data and The Rooster score. You can use the information you collect from Agrible’s Find My Seed to start a discussion with your seed dealers about what you should consider growing. 

Worried about what seed you were sold? As planting season approaches, we know seed dealers may switch products from what was originally ordered. Agrible’s Find My Seed helps you evaluate those early suggestions, considering your specific soils and management practices, to check whether different products perform well or as well as what was ordered.

Seed choice is one of the biggest, most expensive decisions a grower can make, so let Agrible’s Find My Seed help you find the right seed for your unique operations. 

Learn more at Agrible’s Find My Seed website, or contact us at with any questions or comments.