Pocket Rain Gauge™ vs. Snowfall

Just because the precipitation falling outside is now snow instead of rain doesn't mean you can't check how much fell with Pocket Rain Gauge or Morning Farm Report. It just takes a little bit of math. 

The technology behind Pocket Rain Gauge and Rainfall in Morning Farm Report calculates how much precipitation fell. Knowing that, and that the general rule for average snow to liquid conversion is 10:1, it's easy to find out how much snow fell. Just take the value that Pocket Rain Gauge or Rainfall gives you and move the decimal point over one place. 

For example, Pocket Rain Gauge shows that 0.08 inches of precipitation fell here in Champaign-Urbana yesterday. That would equal 0.8 inches of snow. 


Pocket Rain Gauge is available for FREE on iOS and Android. Rainfall is also available for FREE for all of your fields. Learn more here