Free Morning Farm Report Grower AgriBundle for Champaign County Growers


Like many of you, we’re farmers.

To show our appreciation, we are offering a free, no strings attached 1-year subscription to a Morning Farm Report Grower AgriBundle for your entire operation if you farm any ground in Champaign County, Illinois.

With your customized Morning Farm Report, field-specific weather-limited yield projections, soil workability, nutrient availability, and pest pressures are all visible at a glance. Also available are tools for minimizing off-target movement of herbicides, logistics planning, record keeping, UAV flights, and much more!

Simply use promo code "CHAMPFREE" for your free 12 month subscription with no strings attached. 

Head over to, click sign up, choose FREE, then enter the promo code "CHAMPFREE."

At Agrible, we are a team of agronomists, atmospheric scientists, and developers who share an awesome goal: Transform the future of farming. This goal is met every day with the constant support of Champaign County.