Find My Seed updates just in time for #Plant17!


We have exciting news for #Plant17! We’ve added a whole new batch of 2016 yield results trials into Agrible’s Find My Seed, including trials on dicamba/RR2Y ready soybeans, and soybean varieties that were recently the focus on a new label approved by the USEPA. 

Joining the 300,000 trials covering nearly 23,000 varieties already available in Agrible’s Find My Seed are over 8000 corn and 3800 soybean independent seed trials, all added to help you make the best and most informed seed selection choices.

The biggest benefit of these updates is making early seed choices to get discounted pricing. Since we’ve added trials for some of the newest corn and soybeans available on the market, you can check your seed picks and get your orders in for the 2017 planting season.

That’s not all!

Worried about what seed you were sold? As planting season approaches, we know seed dealers may switch products from what was originally ordered. Agrible’s Find My Seed helps you evaluate those early suggestions, considering your specific soils and management practices, to check whether different products perform well or as well as what you ordered.

Even for big commodity crops like corn and soybeans, there aren’t many seed-selector tools that are completely unbiased and independent, and there are none out there that offer this much utility and value for free. Yes, it’s free! 

We know seed choice is one of the biggest, most expensive decisions a grower can make, so let these updates and Agrible’s Find My Seed help you find the perfect seed for your unique operations.

Happy seed picking, from your friends at Agrible!

Learn more at Agrible’s Find My Seed website, or contact us at with any questions or comments.