What it Means to be a Suburban Farmgirl

Being a Modern Prairie Woman is about much more than being the woman behind the tractor or out in the field. There is so much diversity when it comes to women in ag, and that is part of what we love about connecting with each and every one of you--there are so many unique stories and perspectives to share, and we hope that by doing so we can continue to strengthen the role women play in the world of ag. 

For Nicole Christensen, 'farm life' was something she was exposed to from a young age. Though she grew up in the city of Houston, her grandmother grew up on a farm, and her father has a ranch in the Texas hill country, where she had a horse that she would visit/ride on the weekends. She reminisces on her mother making everything homemade, and loving being surrounded by nature. 

As she grew older, Nicole began to drift away from the rural aspects of her life and moved to suburban Connecticut to start her family. However, after discovering MaryJanesFarm (organic farming business, retailer, and magazine, among others), she realized that she could relate to many of the things she read about. 

"I was reading [the magazine] and I thought, this sounds like me, these are my kind of people...it felt like home," she said. 

It was in 2010 when she began blogging for MaryJanesFarm, as the Suburban Farmgirl on Farmgirl Bloggers. Even though Nicole did not live on a farm herself, she knew she had so much to offer to this community of women, whether it be through her thoughts, stories, projects (such as jam-making and knitting), or just through being a mom. Her daughter is involved in 4-H, and she also teaches knitting classes. 

Nicole also started a MaryJanesFarm chapter in her hometown of Sandy Hook, Connecticut that same year, where the participating women get together for tea outings, crafting, quilting, and many other various events. 

On top of being a blogger for MaryJanesFarm, Nicole is also a certified Master Gardener though the University of Connecticut. She has a garden filled with vegetables, herbs, and fresh flowers, along with all types of pets and animals, including a small flock of chickens, a rabbit, three dogs, a cat, a fish, and three hermit crabs. 

Sometimes being a woman in ag means simply having a passion for farm life, regardless of your location. Thanks for sharing your story, Nicole!