Prairie Woman of the Month: Lisa Steele


This month we meet Lisa Steele—blogger, author, and ‘professional chicken enthusiast’. Lisa is the creative mind behind Fresh Eggs Daily, a chicken, duck and gardening blog, as well as the author of Fresh Eggs DailyDuck Eggs Daily, and soon-to-be-released Gardening with Chickens

The popularity of chicken keeping may be on the rise, but if there is one source that you should look to before and after buying your chicks, it is Lisa and Fresh Eggs Daily. Lisa’s fondness for chickens began with her grandparents, who kept them at their home across the street growing up. But it wasn’t until later that she decided to take on chickens of her own—after moving to Virginia with her husband, she knew she wanted to raise animals, but was not sure where to start. Goats had first crossed her mind, but she ultimately decided on chickens and ducks, and in 2009 she bought her first 6 baby chicks and 2 ducks. 

Lisa described how chicken and duck keeping aligned perfectly with her efforts to live life naturally. Along with growing many of her own herbs and vegetables, keeping chickens meant not having to buy store bought eggs, and, similarly, her love for gardening benefited her in more ways than one—she began noticing that her chickens would eat out of her herb garden, too. Not long after, people began coming to her with questions about their own chicken and duck keeping experiences, and thus the creation of Fresh Eggs Daily: 

“People became interested in the message of naturalness and how to treat chickens more like pets,” she said. “I had so much information coming at me that I wanted to make a blog to share answers to commonly asked questions.” 

Lisa started the blog in 2012. She knew that the tips and tricks of chicken and duck keeping came from integrating a variety of techniques, and observing which did and did not work:

“I read every chicken book that comes out, and it’s often the same, basic information,” she explained. “I thought, this can be more fun, more beneficial.” 

In 2013, Lisa published her first chicken book, titled Fresh Eggs Daily. She would later go on to publish a second book called Duck Eggs Daily in 2015, and is releasing a third book in December of 2016 called Gardening with Chickens. It it through her books, website, and media pages that Lisa shares all of her chicken and duck knowledge, acquired by years of learning and dedication to these animals. 

Though Lisa is an advocate for keeping ducks and chickens, she stresses the fact that it is a lot of responsibility, and is not like having dogs or cats. Chickens and ducks require a lot of care and a lot of space, and should never be kept inside the house. 

Interested in starting your own chicken or duck keeping? Lisa’s books are available on Amazon, and you can find her tips, recipes, ideas, and answers to all of your questions on her blog, or any of her Facebook pages: Fresh Eggs DailyDuck Eggs Daily, and A Farm Girl and Her Chickens