Prairie Woman of the Month: Darby Seabaugh


This month we meet Darby Seabaugh - mother, gardener, artist, and crafter (among many others!). She lives in Shelbyville, Illinois, on a beautiful patch of land with her partner, Nick, and her daughter, Bella, along with their dog, Ed, and their newest addition: the fluffiest rabbit you've ever seen, Luna! 

Darby and her family moved onto what was Nick's grandparents farm 3 years ago, where they have created an incredible home, complete with a large vegetable garden, herb garden, apple and cherry tree patch (yes, they do make their own cider!), and work studio. They also have recently started growing hops, plan to install a greenhouse, and have a small pond where they enjoy paddle boating and fishing.


The vegetable garden is tucked off to the side of their home, protected from the wind by a surrounding barrier of trees. In the garden, Darby grows over 20 varieties of crops, including lettuce, radishes, several types of tomatoes and peppers, and potatoes, to name a few. She started the garden from scratch, after being inspired by Nick's grandmother's garden that had been located in the same spot many years before. Keeping the vegetable garden is both relaxing and empowering to Darby - her crops allow her to feed her family fresh, homegrown foods, and she plans to continue expanding it. During the off season, Darby and her family are supplied with a surplus of canned and pickled foods that she prepares from leftover veggies. 


When she is not in the garden, Darby works as co-owner and clothing designer for Gypsy Soul Revival, "a lifestyle brand built on the foundation of family, women's empowerment, and the rebellious spirit." Located in downtown Sullivan, IL, Gypsy Soul Revival is a one-of-a-kind boutique which sells handmade jewelry, repurposed clothing, and other accessories. Darby transforms old clothing into vintage and retro-inspired fashion pieces (See below). You can also buy items from Gypsy Soul Revival online on their Etsy store

To say that Darby and her family share a love for the Earth and the arts is an understatement - her partner, Nick, works as a graphic designer and artist at Coalesce Studios in Sullivan, and designed the logo for Gypsy Soul Revival. He is also in the process of building an impressive, small-scale hops growing operation. Her daughter, Bella, loves spending time outdoors with her pets, especially her rabbit, Luna, and is an accomplished amateur fisherwoman :). 

Darby has a strong passion for nature, farm-fresh living, and family. She also loves animals - she grew up riding horses, and hopes to eventually add a flock of chickens to her farming operations. She loves devoting her time to her garden and reaping the benefits of homegrown goodness. She is an inspiring example of a woman who utilizes the land around her to not only feed her family, but also to showcase the prosperity of small-scale agriculture and the happiness that comes along with it. 

During the time I spent with Darby, I learned the amount of work involved in growing your own food, how creativity can inspire so many different parts of life, and that there are such things as wild hops! The diversity of women in ag is an incredible thing. Thanks for having me out, Darby!