New Dicamba Rules

On November 9th, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved a label allowing a growth regulator, dicamba, to be applied as a POST application on dicamba-resistant soybeans. Alongside this approval comes several restrictions around nozzle selection, tank-mix partners, wind speed and direction, temperature inversion, and rainfall, that growers must be aware of and plan around. 

Nozzle selection and tank-mix partners are easily controlled. Mother Nature is not. With a tool like Spray Smart in Morning Farm Report, growers can easily stay on top of weather and atmospheric conditions and plan effective and safe spraying operations. 

To help keep track of rainfall and field conditions, Spray Smart shows soil conditions and field workability for every hour of the day up to 3 days in advance. This comes alongside information on current and forecasted general weather conditions and a 2 meter wind speed and direction, which can help prevent off-target application. 

Even if the ground is not fit to work, spraying when there is a temperature inversion can result in an increased risk of off-site movement of some herbicides to nearby susceptible crops. The atmospheric and agronomic models inside Spray Smart™ forecast temperature inversions on a field-specific and hourly basis, helping you determine the best application window. 

Agrible is dedicated to helping growers plan safe, effective, and productive spraying operations. Through Spray Smart and the other tools in Morning Farm Report, we are providing growers with technology to tackle the new challenges that come their way. 

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