Money saved and cleaner waterways

With the help of Agrible’s Morning Farm Report™, Illinois grower Todd Weitekamp was able to save money on nitrogen while performing better management practices.

As a producer on his operation, he employs split applications of N, the main reason being weather variability. 

“Sometimes the spring can be very wet, so you might lose some of your N, or sometimes it can be very dry, so I try to get a nice shot of N, generally about 100 actual units of it on with my chemical preplant,” said Weitekamp.

Around the V5 growth stage of corn, Weitekamp tries to get in to side dress and put on his remainder. 

“In the past, I have never really had a great answer as to how much more the corn crop is going to need, I always put on 80-100 more pounds for a total of 180-200. That was before I started using Morning Farm Report,” Weitekamp explained.

This year, by using Morning Farm Report’s field-specific tools, Weitekamp was able to record in Field Story that he planted on a specific date, and how much N he applied. 

“It was telling me how much N was still available, how much the crop had used, and most importantly, Morning Farm Report was telling me what my weather limiting yield was,” said Weitekamp. 

Weitekamp applied 100 units early on and was easily able to look at Morning Farm Report, pull up Nutrient Engine, and see he needed 68 pounds of N to get him out to yield. 

“That number wasn’t a target yield number that I simply pulled out of my head, the Yield Engine in Morning Farm Report tells me my weather limiting and input limiting yield.” 

Weitekamp went with the program, put on 168 pounds total, and saved right around 30 pounds. He saved 53 cents per pound, per acre.

“Those are great savings. I was able to save money and my dry harvest yield was 232, so I was 2 bushels off of my farm record of 234, and I still maintained yield by cutting back 30 plus pounds.”

Weitekamp explained that he had 260 pounds on his end rows, and on his yield maps he could not tell the difference. Even though he supplied way more than the crop needed, it did not show any advantage of putting on 260 versus 168. 

“That right there is proof that the program works. I can let it run and do its job for me. It is field-by-field specific, it is soil dependent, and not all fields are managed the same.”

Agrible’s Morning Farm Report is customized to your field’s story, to grower inputs, and it is tying in weather variables in order to come up with a specific formula for what is needed.

“The reason that’s a big deal to my wife and I is we live right along a very big ditch that leads into the Sangamon river. We have a filter strip which is prairie grass along the edge of the ditch, but we are doing our best to keep added fertilizers out of that. It felt great that I could maintain yield and really pull back on N to keep the nutrients where they are supposed to be and out of where they aren’t,” Weitekamp explained.

As for money saved and cleaner waterways, Weitekamp explained that by using the program, he was able to cut back inputs, which saved money, but he was also able to maintain yield while using better management practices. 

“With a program like Morning Farm Report, we were able to use the best management practices to keep our waterways clean and maintain soil health. It is the program and tools like Nutrient Engine that help you stay in that max profit window.” said Weitekamp. 

At Agrible, we want to help you reach your in-season yield potential while planning and growing safely. Receive nitrogen and phosphorus availability forecasts from Advanced Nutrient Engine and start planning today with the power of Morning Farm Report, designed specifically for you and your growing operations.


*Todd Weitekamp is an employee of Agrible, Inc.