Morning Farm Report: from Planting to Harvest

With harvest wrapping up all across the United States, we decided to take a look at all the different ways farmers used Morning Farm Report this growing season, from planting to harvest.

It all starts with being confident in your seed choice, and Find My Seed, with its combination of over 300,000 third-party seed trial plots covering 20,000 varieties, is helping growers find the highest-yielding seed for their unique agronomic conditions. We made seed trials easily sortable and searchable by the criteria you care about: sub crop, trait packages, maturity, soil type, irrigation, management practices tailored to each crop, buyer preferences (e.g. malting), yield, and yield advantage, an impartial metric which shows how each variety’s yield compares to the test average.

Starting the day you plant, Morning Farm Report can help you monitor your crop progress all season long. With the Field Forecast tool in Morning Farm Report, you get forecasts and historical data on rainfall, temperature, and growing degree days to give you the complete picture of how weather is affecting your fields. Based on on those weather factors and our advanced crop growth models, the Yield Engine tool provides yield predictions, current soil moisture and crop growth stage, and an estimated harvest date to help you plan your harvest well in advance. For grain elevators, Yield Engine is a great tool to monitor crop moisture throughout the entire growing season. 

To help you reach your in-season yield potential, we have tools like Advanced Nutrient Engine. Advanced Nutrient Engine help growers understand the complex N and P dynamics occurring in their field-specific soils by providing detailed 14-day forecasts of N and P loss. With this knowledge, you can see if it makes sense to apply more or if it is best to cut back to capture that yield.

All of this combined with tools like Spray Smart and Tractor Time, which give you the information you need to safely and efficiently plan your spraying and other field operations, makes Morning Farm Report an invaluable asset every growing season.

As you look back on this growing season and begin planning the next, we thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be part of it. If you would like more information on how Morning Farm Report can help your operation, contact us at