The Agrible Seven: FREE tools for your operational planning


At Agrible, we want the best for you and your operations. Start planning today with these seven free Morning Farm Report tools, designed specifically for you: Field Story, Field Forecast, Weekly Weather, Find My Seed, Drone Plan, Pocket Drone Plan, and Pocket Rain Gauge. Get accurate, agronomic forecasts based upon your specific growing and operational needs, made by growers, for growers.

Why use these free tools?  

The Complimentary AgriBundle is our free account option, which includes Field Story, Field Forecast, and Drone Plan:

  • Field Story allows you to record all field operations, inputs, planting, and scouting notes for your current growing season, and stores all information from previous years. 
  • Field Forecast provides data on growing degree days, weather forecasting, relative humidity, temperature highs and lows, rainfall accumulation, historical weather, and more. Growers can track rainfall and temperature from the beginning of the season, and see the 14-day forecast for up to 100 fields. Curated by our team of industry-recognized atmospheric scientists, Field Forecast helps you plan your day using state-of-the-art weather models, with data that is updated every morning at 5 a.m. 
  • Drone Plan is designed to help make drone flights productive while minimizing the chance of an incident. Get current and forecasted wind conditions, gusts, visibility, and general cloud/rainfall conditions for each of your fields, and plan up to 3 days into the future by scheduling the best route for travel to multiple fields, or sequence field visits to maximize data quality. 

Weekly Weather Videos provide forecasts and information on how weather is affecting agriculture across the US, as well as highlights from Brazil and other areas. These videos, released every Monday morning at 5am, give growers a look into how weather trends may affect their operations. The videos are produced by Agrible Co-Founder and Senior Atmospheric Scientist, Eric Snodgrass. 

Find My Seed, Agrible’s unbiased and independent seed-selector tool, gives you access to nearly 300,000 third-party seed trial plots covering 24,000 varieties for corn, soybeans, wheat, barley, peanuts, oats, and cotton. Seed choice is one of the biggest, most expensive decisions a grower can make - Find My Seed can help you find the perfect seed for your unique operations. 

Pocket Drone Plan is our iOS app that provides UAS flight recommendations at your current location or on your Morning Farm Report fields with data on wind speed and direction, visibility, weather conditions, and controlled airspace boundaries. At your current location, you can instantly check flight conditions, winds at 400 feet, and any airspace restrictions. Link to Morning Farm Report and see 84-hour forecasts of flight conditions for your Morning Farm Report fields.

Pocket Rain Gauge shows rainfall measurements for the last 24 hours for your current location with data updated hourly. You can also check rainfall for all of your fields by logging in with your Morning Farm Report™ account. Pocket Rain Gauge™ brings accurate, location-specific rainfall measurements delivered instantly. 

Getting started is easy - visit Morning Farm Report and sign up for your complimentary account to start reaping the benefits of The Agrible Seven.