Grower of the Month: Bob Schroede

Meet Bob Schroeder, fifth generation farmer from Mahomet, IL, and our first Grower of the Month for 2016! Bob farms corn, seed corn, and soybeans, and works alongside his father at Schroeder Farms

Schroeder Farms began with Frederick Schroeder in 1903, when he moved to Bloomington, IL to pursue a life in farming. Bob’s grandfather, Harold Schroeder, believes the Schroeders farmed even before Frederick. 4 generations later, Bob is upholding the family tradition, and now has fields in Champaign, Mclean and Piatt counties: 

“I’ve rode in a combine and tractors with my dad as long as I can remember. I worked on the farm part-time until I went to the University of Illinois to study Agribusiness. During summer breaks I interned as a farm manager and seed salesman. Since college I’ve worked on the farm full-time, and I bought my first farm in 2013.”

Bob and his father, Doug, have made a great team from the very beginning. Since the age of 8, Bob has worked his way up to become an owner of Schroeder Farms, from riding a 4-wheeler picking up trash along the farm roadsides, to combine driving, to seed selection. He now appreciates the challenges that come along with having full responsibility on the farm: 

“I enjoy the battle of trying to sell the most grain at the highest price. I also find seed selection fun…my seed sales internship helped me learn to ask all of the right questions when picking seed.”

Bob goes on to describe how Find My Seed has changed the process of seed selection for him:  

“There is nothing like this on the market... it's amazing. [It’s] simple and specific, and I like the 1 step at a time approach it uses.”

When it comes to difficulties, Bob admits that he could still improve in the area of machine repair, explaining that it takes a while to learn, especially when engines are involved. Broken machinery can be a major setback during harvest and planting seasons. 

To keep things running smoothly and efficiently, Bob describes how Morning Farm Report is a helpful tool when planning his day: 

“I use Tractor Time often to see what fields are ready to be driven over, and in what order I can work on these fields. This saves me a lot of time, and makes planning my days easier. I use Yield to estimate how much grain I will have to sell at harvest time.” 

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