Field Forecast

We’re working on some big additions to Morning Farm Report™ in 2016, including Nutrient Engine, alerts for increased disease and insect pressure in our Pest Engine, pollinator safety, and much more. To make room for all of these exciting updates, we combined the high-resolution rainfall and temperature information for all your fields into one convenient place: Field Forecast

Field Forecast incorporates all the features from Rainfall and Field Intel to provide you with the complete picture of the status of your field. With Field Forecast, you can easily plan your upcoming weeks with rainfall and temperature forecasts for the next 14 days, check the weather status of your field with information going back 30 days, and understand how your rainfall totals compare to historical normals with our tan to blue color-coding system. 

Plus, this is all accessible for FREE for up to 100 fields. Log in to Morning Farm Report™ on your computer or any mobile device to check out this sleek new way of viewing your information.

Stay tuned for updates on all the other great new features that are coming soon to Morning Farm Report™. And let us know if you have any questions about Field Forecast.