Grower of the Month Jacob Kesler

Each month we’ve been highlighting one of the hardworking growers who use Morning Farm Report products on their farm. This month we look at Jacob Kesler, a 3rd generation farmer in Dewey, Illinois.

Jacob Kesler’s grandfather moved onto the farm he currently operates in Dewey, IL in 1956. His father (Kurt) and mother (Rhonda) carried on the farming operation after Kurt graduated from the University of Illinois. His father diversified the farm to include irrigated seed corn production and has continued to expand. 

Jacob joined the family farm in 2009 after he graduated from the University of Illinois. He currently operates the farm with his Father and Mother together as a family. They implement precision agriculture and new technology/practices where they are profitable. They currently grow corn, soybeans, seed soybeans, seed corn, and wheat. Jacob has a family of his own, a wife Ryann, a son Jackson and a son due in October. In their free time they enjoy pulling tractors, which they look forward to pulling as a family in the summer.

Jacob views Morning Farm Report as the newest piece of technology that is profitable to use. He is able to get a snapshot of field conditions by using Tractor Time. The daily emails put this information in a unique and convenient format for him to access on his schedule. He looks forward to comparing the yield predictions in Yield Engine to his actual yields. He finds the weekly weather videos very interesting and helpful for planning field operations and assisting with marketing decisions.